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Awareness, Education, Relationship, Well-Being

About the Sanctuary


24 Tenney Road

Pelham, NH  03076

A heart-centered

labor of love by our dedicated teams.

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The sanctuary evolved as a heart-centered labor of love with help from many dedicated people in our community. We have something unique that brings together long-time connections, pet therapy teams, and families and their dogs.   


Built in 2003, after getting tired of renting, DTAWS offers a small, intimate environment. We give dogs and their families a whole approach to living and learning together (well-being, nutrition, lifestyle, balance). We hear many positive comments, but one of the favorites is, “It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I was a nervous wreck until I got inside with my dog, then was told to breathe and find a safe place to relax.”   

We  have cornered a target market for like-minded clients (dogs and humans) who enjoy the intimacy of developing a happy, healthy and confident relationship with their dogs, without fear and anxiety. The goal of

Awareness Centered Training - ACT is to help reduce sensory overload (society, technology, too many choices).   

We are not one-stop shopping and that's okay. The Internet and giant warehouses can help you out for shopping.

We know who we are and what we want to offer: 2400 square feet of passion, creativity, and a strong desire to engage with, and empower, people and dogs in a society that is moving fast.  

Over 2000 square feet is covered with a soft flooring (yoga studio style), where dog teams breathe and relax.

All dogs need to learn self-control and how to relax - and it is our responsibility to teach and communicate with them in a language they understand. They so it so well with us!

Fully climate controlled, we are cool enough and warm enough, and have a family-holistic room for assessments.

The Sanctuary includes over 4000 square feet of secured / fenced outdoor training / exercise areas.

We are pleased that we have turned into a networking – connection place for many including the pet therapy teams of New England Pet Partners, Inc., a non-profit bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy.

We are achieving our goal of making a difference, celebrating dogs and their people! Taking in a deep nose-to-navel breath - enjoy the journey.

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