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Awareness Centered Training - ACT by Maureen Ross

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Enjoy articles that are helpful when creating a safe arrival and learning environment for your new puppy or adopted dog. When dogs join a human family they require the same patience and cultural understanding that we deserve when learning something new. Being proactive around children, visitors and in unfamiliar sets the foundation for a happy, healthy and joyful adult dog. Joyful EasyTraining (JET) is all you need along with breathing in nose-to-navel ... Exhaling ...

The following will not resolve ingrained, habitual or reactive behaviors. Go to Behavior Coaching.  

LIMA Guidelines (APDT)


Applying Basic Learning Theory for Family Dogs

7 Common Dog Training Mistakes

How Dogs Connect & Heal

Embrace the 8 PREPS for Puppy Socialization

Characteristics of Healthy Relationships (includes dogs too)

Dog Years, Behavior, Learning Aging

Housetraining - Pee here, not there

Housetraining at a Glance - for your refrigerator or bulletin board

Crate Haven - My Safe Place to Chill Out!

Puppy Proof Your Home

Children and Dogs - Respect for each other

Food Lure Training - A Successful Approach that Needs Practice and The Grid (ACT)

Doggy Diner - Joyful, Easy Training from the Beginning, M.Ross

Body Language Charts, Calming Signals, Mross

How NOT to Greet a Dog, Dr. Sophia Yin

How TO Greet a Dog, Dr. Sophia Yin

Body Language of Dogs, Fear and Anxiety, Dr. Sophia Yin

Responsible Dog Ownership/Guardianship

Stepping Stones to Good Health, The Basics

Well-Being – All dogs deserve a few things for a long, healthy life

Multiple Dogs - not always bliss

Mine Yours Ours

Chew Therapy - Drop that, Chew This!

Object Exchange - Take this, Drop That!

Barkeology - Dog communication (talk) and how to manage the volume

Joyful Jumping

Dig This! - Dogs have to dig, that’s not the issue

Growling!  Turning Dino-Dog into Respecto Dog

Body Language of Dogs, a Brief Look

Freddie the Flea - Know your Enemy!

Grooming - Desensitizing and Self-Esteem

Nail Clipping .. Try not make it an OWEEE

Coping with Grief - Saying Good-Bye

Should I Breed my Dog?

Dr. Dunbar’s Bite Assessment Guide

Summer Safety Guidelines

Winter Care