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Dog Talk’s Training and Wellness Sanctuary offers joyful, easy family dog training, private behavior counseling, online coaching, integrative canine massage and pet assisted therapy training and  Licensed Team Evaluations (Pet Partners). Our training approach is educationally enriching and individualized. Learn effective training and stress reducing skills that you can use in daily living and learning with dogs! Take a deep nose-to-navel breath. Explore our programs. Training Your Dog Can Change Your Life!  

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Learn more Author, Awareness Centered Training - ACT  Mindfully Living and Learning with Dogs Balance, Relationship, Education, Well-Being

I can help you modify and/or manage stressful behaviors with a realistic training, behavior modification and wellness plan.

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Living and learning with dogs can be balanced and joyful – with awareness, training, understanding and commitment to change.

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Enjoy small classes in a warm environment to reduce stress and where spatial bubbles can be respected. Classes are skill based and integrate pet assisted therapy (real world) training.  

Level 1 - Beginnings                  Click for more

Joyful, easy training for puppies and adult dogs that can be integrated into daily living and learning. Classes and private coaching engage in an individual / family / whole-dog-approach beginning with basic manners, skills & socialization.

Level 2 - Moderate       

Continue enhancing training skills, awareness and relationship with cross-training, delivery, distance, distraction, duration, diversity and discrimination.

Focus adolescent energy into productive outlets.                          

Small Groups

Level 3 - Challenging        

Challenge yourself and dog as much or as little as you choose with off leash training, sequencing, non-competitive dog sports (training fun) and relaxation. Teamwork, and engaging your dog with challenges, can enhance your relationship, balance energy and is pure fun.