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Awareness Centered Training - ACT is integrated into Private Training, Behavioral Coaching and Pet Assisted Therapy Team Training Prep.

ACT is available at all major booksellers in e-book and soft cover.

Enjoy hand-outs (excerpts from ACT at The Learning Zone and Media Articles like Children and Dogs, Therapeutic Chewing, Doggy Dinner, Calm in Chaos (de-stressing) and more …      

Dogs have changed my life! My vision is creating a training environment (refuge) where dogs and people can learn without fear or judgment. This isn’t magic. It is about living and learning with dogs with an open-mind and willingness to explore how another species communicates and learns!

As the co-founder of New England Pet Partners, Inc., a non-profit organization bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy, I integrate similar training for therapy dogs into classes and private coaching sessions. All dogs basic manners and socialization to become canine companions and/or part of a therapy dog team. Socialization and manners (SAM) is about dogs being gradually, gently and calmly introduced to a variety of sights, sounds and smells. Thus, the training sanctuary has medical equipment, stability balls and agility as a choice of reward if and when a dog is ready (the key). Awareness and observation lets us know when we and our dogs are ready to either move forward or slow down a bit.

Our intention is:

Whether your goal is to become a registered therapy team or enjoy a happy, healthy and confident relationship with your dog, consider ACT training or similar. The gentle, effective skills, techniques and insights, can easily be integrated into daily living, learning and loving dogs. It’s all about the relationship you want to create.

Let go for few moments, breathing in a deep nose-to-navel breath - ah-ha. Let’s un-complicate training, reduce sensory overload, and discover how dogs can change your life by waking up our senses. Example:


If you feed your dog 2X a day, you have 14 training opportunities every week!

Taking a deep breath - Exhale - Enjoy the Journey

Liha-L-Ligo, Let it happen - Learn - Let it go   

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