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Clicker Training is an effective and fun training tool, but not for everyone or dog. It can crisply and clearly shape new behaviors or re-shape old, undesirable ones.  Like any tool, we need to know how to use if effectively. Click to learn more Alpha This, Alpha That ... Demystify the myths. Just because “society” or “marketing” says we should, doesn’t mean we have too.  Clarifying positive, negative reinforcement and punishment in a nutshell ...  Discover  the possibilities Easily  change undesirable behaviors without being an ogre to your dog.    Learn more ...

Learning Zone

Awareness Centered Training - ACT by Maureen Ross

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Enjoy articles that are helpful when creating a safe arrival and learning environment for your new puppy or adopted dog. When dogs join a human family they require the same patience and cultural understanding that we deserve when learning something new. Being proactive around children, visitors and in unfamiliar environments sets the foundation for a happy, healthy and joyful adult dog.

Joyful Easy Training (JET) is all you need along with breathing in nose-to-navel ... Exhaling ...

The following is offered as educational enrichment. It will not resolve ingrained, habitual or reactive behaviors. Go to Behavior Coaching.  

Rescue Dog 3-3-3 Guidelines

LIMA Guidelines (APDT)


Applying Basic Learning Theory for Family Dogs

7 Common Dog Training Mistakes

How Dogs Connect & Heal

Embrace the 8 PREPS for Puppy Socialization

Characteristics of Healthy Relationships (includes dogs too)

Dog Years, Behavior, Learning Aging

Housetraining - Pee here, not there

Housetraining at a Glance - for your refrigerator or bulletin board

Crate Haven - My Safe Place to Chill Out!

Puppy Proof Your Home

Children and Dogs - Respect for each other

Food Lure Training - A Successful Approach that Needs Practice and The Grid (ACT)

Doggy Diner - Joyful, Easy Training from the Beginning, M.Ross

Body Language Charts, Calming Signals, Mross

How NOT to Greet a Dog, Dr. Sophia Yin

How TO Greet a Dog, Dr. Sophia Yin

Body Language of Dogs, Fear and Anxiety, Dr. Sophia Yin

Responsible Dog Ownership/Guardianship

Stepping Stones to Good Health, The Basics

Well-Being – All dogs deserve a few things for a long, healthy life

Multiple Dogs - not always bliss

Mine Yours Ours

Chew Therapy - Drop that, Chew This!

Object Exchange - Take this, Drop That!

Barkeology - Dog communication (talk) and how to manage the volume

Joyful Jumping

Dig This! - Dogs have to dig, that’s not the issue

Growling!  Turning Dino-Dog into Respecto Dog

Body Language of Dogs, a Brief Look

Freddie the Flea - Know your Enemy!

Grooming - Desensitizing and Self-Esteem

Nail Clipping .. Try not make it an OWEEE

Coping with Grief - Saying Good-Bye

Should I Breed my Dog?

Dr. Dunbar’s Bite Assessment Guide

Bite Level Illustrated Chart - Dr. Sophia Yin

Summer Safety Guidelines

Winter Care