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What is Pet Assisted Therapy?

New England Pet Partners, Inc. (NEPP) is a non-profit organization, bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy. NEPP is a regional community center of Pet Partners in Bellevue, WA.

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NEPP was founded by Maureen and Gary Ross, in collaboration with a dedicated group of volunteers in 2008. Maureen is the founder of

Dog Talk Training and Wellness LLC.

Registered Therapy Teams participate in a variety of programs including private practice, hospitals, prisons, rehab, nursing (care) facilities, schools and libraries (reading and educational programs).  

PAT can facilitate recovery and rehabilitation for children, groups and families with transitional, emotional and physical challenges. It provides opportunities for motivational, educational and/or recreational benefits to enhance a person's well-being.  Learn more ...

Pet assisted therapy can become an integral part of treatment planning for counselors, physical and occupational therapists and practitioners. Visit AAAIP Association of Animal Assisted Intervention Professionals.  

Our private coaching provide a focused approach for potential registered therapy teams with Pet Partners Headquarters. We have many years of experience teaching and offering Licensed Team Evaluations. For many years we were Licensed Instructors for Pet Partners teaching UNH and Tufts.  

How to become a Pet Partner or Read w Me Team Please Read before calling about Pet Assisted Therapy

Note: Dogs must be at least 1-year old before taking a team evaluation with the Pet Partners Programs.

You must complete the Online Pet Partner Team Handler’s Course (click) and team evaluation.

Visit Pet Partners for the benefits and educationally enriching resources.

Volunteer teams give effortlessly and feel enriched while

working in collaboration with clients, patients and staff.

Helping one person may not change the world,

But it will change it for that person or group.

Thank you for making a difference

 Please refer to the  online course at Pet Partners for prerequisites

For Team Evaluation Dates, visit New England Pet Partners, Inc.  

Private coaching is available for pet assisted therapy training. There is no “guarantee” that you will pass a Team Evaluation. It requires commitment, team effort and practice.

There are prerequisites online for the human end of the leash at Pet Partners Headquarters. Begin there.

Be mindful that if you train at Dog Talk LLC and take a team evaluation at New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3 (same location) you will be scored as PREDICTABLE due to the familiarity to the environment.

We have trained many Licensed Team Evaluators as Instructors. Still, it is often difficult to find available team evaluations in your area. Check Pet Partners first.

That shared, we are professionals! Dogs should be socialized in a variety of environments. Most important is a trusting relationship between human handler and pet. We are not going to pass or not pass a team w/o careful consideration. We always honor the best interest of the team/pet.

As dog parents and team partners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our dogs safely engage in a variety of situations. We encourage healthy, trusting and confident teams who keep stress at a minimum for their partners while visiting. Pet Partners calls it YAYABAS - You are your animals best advocate. Enjoy!

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