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Dogs Sports is integrated into training as rewards for our dogs!

It makes training fun and balances energy into positive outlets.  

Dog Sports - Non-Competitive Agility Informational Brochure

A virtual playground for higher learning, non-competitive Agility or Dog Sports is contagious fun you can share with your dog. Although agility can be a competition sport, it is as equally enjoyable for those who simply want to enjoy an enthusiastic game with their dogs!  

DS is comprised of a maze of games using obstacles that dogs maneuver (with handler guidance). The dog learns to traverse a dog-walk, negotiate a see-saw, climb an A-frame, zigzag through weave poles, slinky through tunnels, soar over a variety of challenging hurdles, cones, chairs and challenging sequences.

Dog Sports, along with your own creative games are mentally and physically stimulating. It is a great way to balance excess energy and blow off steam in a constructive, controlled and pleasurable way.  

Dog Sports begins with an introduction to contact obstacles, teaching your dog to safely get use to cross-overs, dog walk, tire jump, climb the A-frame, weave poles, tunnels (chute and pipe) and tip the see-saw. The teams will become familiar with commonly used jumps and hurdles. As with any training, behavioral training is integrated by positively reinforcing good behaviors. 

More challenging Sports is comprised of target training, obstacle discrimination and simple sequence set-ups for successful maneuvers. Dogs will learn to serpentine weave poles and use the pause table, working at their own level of progress! Off-lead sequences will be introduced.  

Hey, one at a time.

Good Dog!


this can’t be training, it’s too much fun!

Balancing energy into positive outlets!

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