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We are no longer offering group classes, only Private Training, Zoom Coaching and Online Coaching.

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Does your dog have balls? No, I don’t mean Alpha kind of balls … balancing balls.

This goes beyond getting fit, being positive and having fun. It desensitizes dogs to sights, sounds, smells and “things” that they will encounter in the real world. It teaches balance and relaxation. The training sanctuary has  equipment (medical, agility) to gently desensitize pups/dogs.   

Awareness Centered Training - ACT is the foundation for many pups/dogs. It’s fun, easy and you can integrate teaching into daily living and learning with your dogs.

It is important to teach our dogs in a variety of environments and look for opportunities to introduce them to things that might be scary - while pairing it with a positive association - also know as counter-conditioning - creating a relaxed, more calming and safe association.

Wear silly hats, glasses and gradually introduce gestures and movement to your dogs (be silly while smiling).

Be mindful that the tone of your voice and body language are very important to dogs who are continually observing US. Calm will invoke calm, while chaos will - well - you know the answer.

Canine Desensitization CD’s like Positively’s (Victoria Stilwell) and Through a Dog’s Ears  (Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector) work remarkably well to introduce your dogs to noises, while associating with positive interactions and healthy treats. The calm music is good to play when you leave them alone.

 Training Your Dog can Change your Life!

 As a Registered Therapy Team you can help make a difference for others. !

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Be mindful, a bored dog can be a destructo dog

Balanced energy is healthy for a dog’s

 (and our) well-being.

You can turn Dino Dog into relaxo Dog by channeling energy into positive outlets!

Awareness Centered Training - ACT.