Awareness Centered Training - ACT, Maureen Ross, MA

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An educational dog training book that brings Peace of Mind!

Do you ever suffer from sensory overload? Dogs do too! We have that and many other emotions in common, although we process them in different ways!

ACT helps you achieve a new level of awareness while reducing stress.

ACT blends my passion for dogs, coaching and pet assisted therapy with years of humbling experience. ACT offers a complete guide for raising a healthy, happy and confident dog with joyful easy training that can be integrated into daily living and learning with our dogs!  

An educational book about essential basic training, socialization and manners (SAM), with gentle skills that for teaching our dogs that can be integrative into daily living and learning. Awareness Centered Training – ACT helps you achieve a new level of understanding about your dog and yourself.

Enjoy the insights and empowerment that comes with choices in balancing our lives, relationship, education and well-being, like how the actions/behaviors of our dogs are oftentimes reflective - bringing us to a deeper understanding of how we communicate and teach.

With an A-Z history of learning paradigms and behavior shaping techniques, neatly and briefly explained in a directory and through-out the book, ACT is  colored with a light-hearted humor – and a discreet sharing of personal stories. Pictures showcase explanations on balancing energy, breathing, relaxing and having fun with dogs - like Dogs, Balls and Balance (Does Your Dog have Balls?).   

An excerpt from Awareness Centered Training – ACT: “Blinking, averting eyes, turning away is a dog trying to avoid perceived conflict. If you are angry and they turn away, the message is, “I get it and I am trying to avoid a conflict. You’ve made your point, so stop yellowing and don’t hurt me.”

I believe that with the clarity and tools acquired in Awareness Centered Training – ACT, accompanied by vignettes at, most behavior challenges can be prevented by integrated training in our daily living and learning with dogs!

I invite you to embrace dogs as catalysts who can help change our lives. Dogs are different but want the same attention, love and kindness that we want - just in a different way. They speak Dog Talk. So, we learn how to teach them in way they understand. The reward is that dogs quickly learn US.

Our dog’s behaviors, emotions and life transitions are learning opportunities for us. In today’s Zoom world, we need to take a deep nose-to-navel breath, calm the chaos, clear the clutter - and be still (brain yoga) for a few renewing minutes each day.” Spending even 15 quality minutes with our dogs is genuinely grounding.

Dogs can help keep us open-minded and less self-centered. They motivate US to get moving and think with an open mind, especially if the dog is not responding to what we want. Be mindful that dogs live in the moment. What we do matters.

Intuitively (us) and instinctively (dogs) we can learn from each other. These skills (body language, communication, listening, observing) can be used in other areas of our lives.

 ACT isn’t just about teaching our dogs. It is about what they can teach us!”

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Maureen Ross, MA is the founder of Dog Talk Training and Wellness Sanctuary, LLC, New England Pet Partners, Inc. and Daily Doga Inspirations. She is a board certified counselor, certified professional dog trainer/behavior coach and registered yoga teacher. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), Animals and Society, Pet Partners, Yoga Alliance, NH Non Profits and Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce.

ACT is available at book retailers/bookhouses, online, and at Dog Talk.

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