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About Gary  

ME - Engineering,  Cornell U

Engineering Fellow - Raytheon Company

Co-Author,  chapter, The Three Shalls, Train Your Dog, Change Your Life

Co-Founder of Dog Talk LLC & TheraPet, LLC

Co-Founder of New England Pet Partners, Inc.

Canine Behavior Experience / Workshops / Presentations

Registered Pet Partner, Licensed Team Evaluator

I am a retired engineering fellow for Raytheon Corporation. Dog Talk gives me the opportunity to combine canine and human management experience by assisting in training programs.  

I enjoy joining Moe and the teams coaching dog sports, being the Treasurer for New England Pet Partners and a Evaluating Teams for therapy work. Officially, I am known as “the maintenance man.”

What I learn working with dogs can be transferred. It makes me a better person because dogs don’t care if I I have a big job. Before I met Moe, the concept of team approach meant playing Hockey until she pointed out that punching each other out a lot in a fits of rage is NOT team spirit.


I grew up in a middle class neighborhood – one of six kids. We didn’t have a dog, but we had a cat (less maintenance for my Mom). There were dogs all over the neighborhood, some nice ones and some not so nice ones. While delivering papers for 8 years, I was able to develop a ‘special’ bond with some of them. I guess that’s where, unknowingly, the seed for what Dr. Dunbar calls “lure training” started. Moe coins it “life rewards” and as she says, “We all have them”.  Food works if you use it WISELY.

When I met Maureen the dogs became an integral part of my life. Quickly, I discovered what others have known for millenniums. Dogs teach us how to be better humans. I wouldn’t change a minute. There have been many times when I have loved a dog to death, that being the toughest part, letting them go.  

The dogs have shown me grace, compassion and unconditional love, helping me through good times and bad. The dogs have given me the opportunity to meet people who I never would have otherwise. You guys know who you are. We’ve traveled all over the world, always connecting with people who care about dogs.  

I remember walking outside the London Zoo and asking a gentleman exercising his Terrier if he had ever watched "Dogs with Dunbar?”  Needless to say he had never missed a broadcast.

Dog people are interesting. Like our dogs, we come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We don’t always agree. Some of those disagreements are legendary. If we’d take the time to step back, we’d realize that we all want the same thing … what’s best for our dogs and our well being!

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