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DT Private Training, Behavior Coaching and Zoom Coaching

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We no longer offer group classes. We offer:

Private Training (PT) offers flexibility for one-on-one training for their puppy/dog. Socialization can be easily integrated where it is usually is anyway - in the real world. Learn how to do this safely. Dog parks are fine but not for every dog.

PT is not Behavioral Coaching. It is offered in a series of 5, 1-hour weekly  sessions.

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Private Behavior Coaching is optimal for resolving issues that are causing stress. PBC is an opportunity for a customized behavior and wellness plan. Maureen meets dogs and people where they are at, without judgment. Together we decide what works best for you, family, dog and lifestyle.

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Online Canine Coaching is for those who can not take advantage of in-person coaching.

It works, as does online human counseling, but there are limitations. You will need to fill out the Intake Form prior to online coaching. Explore …

For inquiries or to set up appointments for private training or coaching,  

Email or

Call 603-635-DOGS (3647) / 603-661-3647 c

We enjoy talking to you before sessions to ensure that it will be an enjoyable, educational and enriching experience. We meet people and dogs where they are at.  


All puppies / dogs begin with a  foundation that supports teaching socialization and manners with kindness and effective communication. We keep it simple, giving you the skills and tools to integrate training into daily living and learning with your dogs.

I invite you to journey through the website - visit the media / articles pages to begin your training journey that can be integrated into daily living and learning with dogs. Training Your Dog, Can Change Your Life. Taking in a deep-nose-to-navel breath, exhale and open your mind to new learning opportunities.

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