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What is a Professional Canine Coach

Bite Assessment Guide Dr. Ian Dunbar

To schedule a session call 603-635-3647 (DOGS) or Email Maureen at Canine Coach.

 You are required to complete a behavioral questionnaire before your session

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Welcome! Are you struggling with behaviors, transitional or other issues creating stress for you and your dog? We can help you eliminate, manage and/or modify behaviors needing change. We are mindful that the process of resolving behavioral problems can be stressful for people and dogs.  

Changing our dog's behavior may be as simple as understanding the natural instincts of the dog, how behaviors evolve, then making small, meaningful changes. When behaviors escalate to intolerable levels, a customized behavior modification plan that fits your lifestyle can help create balanced harmony.


Behavior change requires a genuine commitment from the owner and/or family to change not only the dog's behavior but their own. Depending on the issues, sessions can run from 1-2 hours. Changes can happen in 1-session! Habitual and/or deeply ingrained, reactive behaviors may take 1-2 years to resolve with continued management and committed effort.

There is no magic wand, but with determination, commitment and understanding, you can learn skills to integrate in daily living and learning with your dog(s).

A complete, confidential  intake is done at the first session. We are happy to work in collaboration with your Veterinarian. Homework, practice, commitment and teamwork are essential for behavioral change.

What Happens in a Session?

Being open-minded for positive changes is the beginning

An assessment takes 1-2 hours. Subsequent sessions depends on the level, intensity and range of behaviors. Sessions may be scheduled every week or every other week, giving you and your dog time to practice new behaviors. Members who interact with the dog are encouraged to attend when appropriate.

Your dog should have a health and wellness check to rule-out any underlying medical conditions that may cause behavioral change.

There is no refund for behavior coaching sessions. The effort you put into positive change and well being will equal the results.  


Verbal and written recommendations are provided.

It is your responsibility to begin practicing on a daily basis.

If you have questions, (1) e-mail or phone follow-up is provided.

Subsequent sessions should be scheduled to evaluate progress, making required changes.  

A copy  of the summary will be sent to your Veterinarian upon request Modifications are modified as needed.   

Behavior Modification Plan

A BMP will be created with win/win solutions and techniques for you to begin immediately with your dog.

Lifestyle changes may be recommended.

Additional reading and homework will be part of the commitment to positive change, and can be fun.

Referrals to a Veterinarian with behavioral experience may be necessary for medication. We are happy to collaborate with Vets. 


Interactions between you and your dog, and your dog’s behavior, will be observed during the evaluation. Temperament / behavioral testing may be performed, when appropriate, for reactive behaviors.

Video (unedited) of problem behavior is encouraged for helpful observation.

Observing some types of behavior may not be possible, necessary or safe.  

At Dog Talk LLC with Maureen

Sessions are by appointment only.

Brief Email inquiries are welcome at

Canine Coach.

Fees for Service

$1.00 a minute, $50 / Hour (at Dog Talk LLC)

Registration / Payment

MC/VISA/DISC or convenient PayPal

Call – 603-635-DOGS (3647) for an appointment. You will receive a brief intake and questionnaire to begin.

At your Home

Private home evaluations, and behavior counseling is possible when safe.

Call to inquire or schedule a session.

Maureen does NOT work with dogs / people in homes who have experienced above a

Level 3 bite assessment (see chart).

Fees for Service (in home)

$100 / Hour, plus $2.00 per mile, each way for travel expenses|10 miles each way = $40.

Registration / Payment

Located on the Registration Page.

You need to call before booking an in-home coaching session. 603-635-3647


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