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Eat, Play, Pooped!

Baby Lucy, Cattle Dog Pup, relaxing after a play session that included learning how to watch-me and Anne, her Dog Mom, sit and come. Now relax! A safely tired puppy is a better behaved puppy. They are learning all the time so integrate the training with life rewards.

A Newf pup, Jesy, about 22 lbs will quickly become a gorgeous 120 lb love bug who requires weekly grooming. Do Newfs eat a lot? No not really. I’ve had 7 and a Leonberger. Their metabolism is slower - so no more than a lab. The key is feel their ribs and observe. How do they look. If you pressure can you feel ribs. Nutrition must be wholesale, human grade in my opinion, and variety. Leveling up on nutrition with freeze dried is fine.  

Object  Exchange! With multiple dogs, there needs to be group and one-on-one training. Regardless of age, all dogs can enjoy learning something new. Exchanging toys and/or treats teaches trust and take-it “gently”.

It gives the dog a choice. Want this or that. Okay - now release or drop-it. Great! Done so well, here is a healthy treat!

A 20 lb Newf pup can quickly mature into a 120 lb (or more) adult.

It is prime to keep them in good shape, not grow them quickly, allow their growth platelets to close before spaying/neutering and feed them health, preferably human grade food with variety.

Big is not BETTER. Healthy is!

Patiently waiting. Ages, 4 years, 1 year, 6 months. Pups need time to learn self control. Life rewards like food, treats, toys, play can be integrated into daily living and learning.

Coats: Not just for Winter. Check out Anxiety Wraps and Thundershirts. Coat / sweat / wrap on dog can calm them.

Doggy Diner by Maureen Ross, M.A.