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***** Ella La Dew

This is one of the best book I have had the opportunity to read and integrate into my life, and, oh yeah, Elle La Dew agrees. Training time was limited to 5-minutes 2x a day at feeding time. How easy is that? We then started to do short stops on our walks as well … just for fun! Although Ella is such an easy dog to have, she lacked focus. Well, I have to admit that it was me who lacked focus. I just wasn’t getting Ella what she needed to interact with me effectively. ACT, you could say, helped me get my ACT together in understanding that the cues come from me. I made the biggest mistake of my life in thinking some dogs are born with bad habits. They are not. All they want and need is your attention and to learn to communicate properly. After all, they don’t read minds! I urge you to grab a copy of this book and see how much you change – oh yeah Ella adds that life is much better too when I understand her cues. Pat and Ella La Dew

***** Anonymous

Awareness Centered Training – ACT takes positive dog training a step further by helping readers, like me, learn how to relax (breathe, balance energy, enjoy, and no assume I know what my dog is thinking). We can learn better as both teachers and observers instead of plowing right into training as we once understood (boring). Author Maureen Ross brings her experience as a psychologist and yoga teacher to her heart-centered (quote) and practical dog training approach which is really people training and taking US beyond the positive.

***** June Greig, Author of A Dog to Remember

Awareness Centered Training is a great read with loads of tips and insights into training your dog in a natural, relaxed way.

***** Gary Ross (yes her husband)

Awareness Centered Training – ACT is an outstanding work from an established trainer, behaviorist and author. It well written, easy to read and understand. It lays out, in a clear an concise manner, how to find a better way to not only train your dog, but to understand the what’s and why’s behind it. Maureen’s easy writing style is full of illustrations and examples that make it a cinch to translate into action. And, the real beautify of ACT? The basic premise not only works on 4-legged critters but 2 legged ones as well.

*****Jessica W.

As an author, who is passionate about dogs and pet assisted therapy too, I can honestly share that Awareness Centered Training – ACT is an educational / joyful dog training book that brings peace of mind – just as the publisher’s Press Release says. Whether you are interested in training your puppy, adopted dog or have goals of becoming a pet therapy team (like me), ACT will help you build a happy, healthy and confident relationship with your dog. Daily living and learning is Maureen’s mantra though-out ACT, and I now have this etched in my mind. Training happens while living with our dogs. Skills and tools are in the classroom – but it’s daily that our dog’s behavior is shaped. ACT helped with ah-ha moments like “simply stop and take a deep nose-to-navel breath”. We and our dogs can suffer from too much sensory overload, and ACT helps with that, but most of all, I like the way Maureen gives us choices whether we like to use our voice, a smile or a clicker … we have some say in how we train our dogs, but first, we have to get to know them. Now, I try to meet myself and my dog where we are at on any particular day rather than jamming training into a set out block of time – thanks!

***** Rhody D.

Awareness Centered Training-ACT is the most helpful dog training book I have read all of the decades I have owned dogs. Each time I bring home a new puppy I feel like a first time dog owner, because each dog is an individual. ACT is written for dog owners with  different levels of knowledge. I have given  ACT as a gift to first time dog owners, as well as dog trainers. I  also gave  a copy to my Vet where ACT sits on the bookshelf in the office waiting area. JET -Joyful Easy Training helps both humans and dogs  enjoy the training process while achieving desired results.

***** Best Dog Training Book!

By Lauren M. on January 7, 2016

Format: Paper back Verified Purchase

This dog training book is an easy read, chocked full of simplified & fun ways to train or re-train your dog and shape behaviors. I am using it now as a guide to re-train my rescue dog that suffers from several issues. You'll get a few tips for yourself too along the way! Breathe and simplify, enjoy life! I liked the book so much; I bought another copy for my dog loving Sister

with four dogs.  What a wonderful book. Thank you!


*****Kathy DeLong

Maureen's book, ACT, is a must read for anyone bringing a dog into their life. In today's hectic world dogs offer us a chance to give and receive unconditional love. She teaches us most importantly to read our dog's body language as they read ours. By doing this we can incorporate training into everyday life. Maureen makes it simple and uncomplicated which makes it fun for everyone. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? The book is easy to read and always a good reference. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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