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*****Rhody D. on July 10, 2015

Awareness Centered Training-ACT is the most helpful dog training book I have read in all the decades I have owned dogs. Each time I bring home a new puppy I feel like a first time dog owner, because each dog is an individual. ACT is written for dog owners with different levels of knowledge. I have given ACT as a gift to first time dog owners, as well as dog trainers. I also gave a copy to my vet where ACT sits on the bookshelf in the office waiting area. JET -Joyful Easy Training helps both humans and dogs enjoy the training process while achieving the desired behavior.  ACT is a joy to read!

***** Pat M.

Training seems a daunting word for some of us who are busy with our human lives. ACT took "training" to "integration" for me and my dog Ella La Dew. I have the easiest dog in the world to have, a Yellow Lab, however, she lacked focus. Uhmmmm maybe it was me who lacked insight and focus as Ella says! ACT has truely made "integration"/"training" so easy it can be done in short time periods. We did most of the skills training at Ella's feeding time. 5 minutes 2xs a day. I was amazed at how quickly Ella learned and how much more focused attention I got from her just by learning the guidelines from ACT. Ella was easy to "get focused" because what ACT did for me, as the human" was to become focused on what Ella needed and wanted and in return I got more attention and admiration from her. We also began training during our walks and how fun is that when she spins for me on command. Just checking in on her focusing skills! She loves it because she gets a round of applause for it which sends her into happy spin which is different than the command spin! Anyway, I urge anyone to buy this most amazing book. Anyone can learn to use it! Do your pets a favor, buy the book and know that it is our responsibility to help our pets out of discomfort...they cant read minds .....can they Maureen? Pat and the beloved Ella La Dew


***** Oldest

NewestDavid Yeghiaian


Awareness Centered Training (ACT) is a great concept developed by Ross. This is a must-read for any dog lover -- whether you're new or have had years with dogs. The ACT process is extremely well articulated and detailed for anyone to understand; and offers practical, how-to advice. Furthermore, the process takes effectively teaching and communication with dogs and provides us with a lesson for all relationships (work, family and community) because it applies to our personal lives. ACT takes the coaching of human beings and applies it to dogs -- a concept that makes a lot of sense.

***** Mary B.

This book is what I have been looking for! I have learned, training a dog doesn't have to be a drudge. Integrating training throughout the day a few minutes at a time is much more rewarding than overloading/overwhelming the dog and the human. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My dog and I will reap the rewards from the lessons in this book. We now can relax and breathe.

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