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How to use Online Coaching - FEES at a Glance

Similar to "human" counseling, it is important to gather information to best support your dog's behavior modification needs and well-being. Training, learning and behavior adjustment takes time, practice and a positive attitude.   

After the initial Canine Behavior Intake (assessment) is filled out and emailed to Canine Coach, you will be informed if this is an effective option for you and your dog. Clarification / appointment schedule typically takes 2-4 days. Oftentimes, the intake is the first step of awareness and change happens.

Email coaching is set up in 30, 45 or 1-hour sessions. Telephone Advising is an option and set up the same way. Online coaching via Email with ZOOM can be scheduled. A convenient time is arranged to focus on you and your dog.  

Taking a first, in the moment step, is empowering. If this is for you ... journey below and let’s begin the process together.

Behavior and Wellness Online Coaching Fee

Email Coaching:  $50 / Hour. Minimum charge for initial session is $30 for 30-minutes

Telephone Coaching: $50 / Hour.  Minimum charge for initial session is $30 for 30-minutes | $40 for 45 minutes  

Payment is conveniently and safely set up through PayPal, MC, VISA, DISC, AMEX. No discounts or refunds apply.  

Once payment is received, usually in 48 hours, email or optional telephone advising will begin.

If you need to mail your payment, inquire at Canine Coach for a mailing address.     


Follow these Steps for Easy Online Coaching

  1. Fill out the Initial Informational Intake - click.   
  2. You can mail the form but emailing is expeditious to canine coach - it is fill-able or can be printed filled out, scanned, attached and emailed back.     
  3. You will be contacted within 2-3 business days.     
  4. Using PayPal, choose your options (processing usually takes 24 hours).
  5. After payment is received, and the Informational Intake is processed, Maureen will contact you via Email and/or Telephone to set up a convenient session time. If using Zoom, a link will be sent.   
  6. Progress evaluation is within 2 weeks, with flexibility.  
  7. Follow-up sessions may be needed. Please book in advance.
  8. We appreciate changes in scheduling with a 24 hour notice.  


Problems in life or with your dog do not become better or worse because of something that happens to you.

It becomes better because you are doing something differently and proactively.

Enjoy the Journey!

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Canine Coach

About Maureen

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DT Behavior Counseling Informational Brochure

DT Online, Email, ZOOM, Tel-Cell Guidelines

Coaching can help you resolve issues like housetraining, barking, lunging, mouthing, jumping, resource guarding, adolescent issues, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, multiple dogs and dog to cat. I will honestly let you know if I can help online or whether this requires in-person coaching as a more effective, efficient and safe approach for you, your family and dog(s).

My goal and approach is to to safely modify your dog’s behavior in a straight-forward, positive and non-confrontational way - at a distance. This is not easy. With over 20 years of behavioral experience (dogs and people), I can offer an intuitive, instinctual and experienced behavior modification plan.    

There are obvious limitations. Some behaviors may too ingrained, habitual and/or reactive to be modified without personal, long-term guidance, Veterinary intervention and medication. Video may be required to observe behaviors. For a list of behavior consultants in your area refer to the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants or Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

Oftentimes, a small intuitive change can make a big difference. It requires an open-mind and commitment from you (and others) who come in contact with your dog, to learn new ways of teaching and communicating. Embracing change requires patience, compassion and a willingness to listen and practice daily. This may be different from what you are use too. It may enlighten your life too.

As a professional, it is my responsibility to offer realistic skills and resources to assist you in creating positive change for your puppy/dog's education and well-being that are achievable and realistic.

Join me in a deep nose-to-navel breath, imagining you and your dog can relax, play and simply be without stress for a few moments ... Breathing in for 4-8 seconds ... Holding for 4-8 ... Slowly Exhaling for 4-8 breaths. Give yourself permission to take 10-minutes a day to quiet your mind. Let thoughts flow. If you get stuck, create a phrase to say to yourself like “drop it” or “SPOT - STOP - SWAP” – letting it go to the universe. Ten minutes a day can lower your stress level and extend your and your dog’s life. Upset your mind thoughts with a simple 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO.

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