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About the Sanctuary


24 Tenney Road

Pelham, NH  03076

A heart-centered

labor of love by our dedicated teams.

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The sanctuary evolved as a heart-centered labor of love with help from dedicated people in our community. We have something unique that brings together long-time connections, pet therapy teams, families, dogs, events and Licensed Team Evaluations for New England Pet Partners, Inc. 501c.3.   


Built in 2003, the sanctuary includes over 4000 square feet of secured, fenced indoor and outdoor training, and exercise areas to keep dogs safe (spatial bubble).

DTAWS is 2400 square feet offering an intimate and adequate training environment. Included is a variety of equipment for desensitizing dogs (medical, stability balls, sights, sounds and smells). Fully climate controlled, we are cool enough and warm enough, and have a family-holistic room for assessments. We are handicapped accessible.

Over 2000 square feet is covered with a soft flooring (yoga studio style), where dog teams breathe. All dogs need to learn self-control - and how to relax. It is our responsibility to teach and communicate with them in a language they understand.

We offer dogs and their families a whole approach to living and learning together (well-being, nutrition, lifestyle, balance). We hear many positive comments, but one of the favorites is, “It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I was a nervous wreck until I got inside with my dog, then was told to breathe and find a safe place to relax.”   

There is a sense of engaging engaging with dogs and people, to create happy, healthy and confident relationship, without fear and anxiety. Awareness Centered Training - ACT encompasses years of experience. One of many goals is to reduce sensory overload (society, technology, too many choices) that effects our, and our dog’s well-being.    

We are pleased to have turned into a networking – connection for many including the pet therapy teams of New England Pet Partners, Inc., a non-profit bringing people and pets together to enhance well-being and education with pet assisted therapy.

We are achieving our goal of making a difference, and celebrating dogs and their people!

Taking in a deep nose-to-navel breath - Enjoy the Journey.

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