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Intrinsically, our own well being reflects onto our dogs, family, friends and lives. How we feel internally, eventually manifests externally. Take 10-minutes every day to breathe and learn something new, even if you have to sit on the toilet or in the closet. Close the door and escape.


It truly is a balancing act! Along with having a dedicated pity party, eating healthy (including a food binge now and then) - exercise (keep moving) and letting go, the following helps. While considering these, find your own bliss, creating a refuge where you can slip away for a few moments every day … with yourself and your dog.

For You!

Daily Doga Inspirations, Maureen Ross (Mindfully Living and Learning with Dogs – Meditations)

The Four Agreements, Don Luiz Miguel

Peace in Every Step, Thich Nhat Hahn

The Work, Byron Katie

Daily Om, Madisyn Taylor

Oprah (from here you can find just about anything)

Cheryl Richardson  (Life Coach)

Louise Hay (Hay House and Hay House Radio)

Eckhart Tolle - Are you ready to be awakened?

Finding your Way in a Wild New World, Dr. Martha Beck

Pema Chodrin

Jay Shetty